Voting on Blakefield Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions


Due to the coronavirus, all our lives have been changed. Obviously, the pandemic has affected many events that we have become accustomed to, example celebrations of young adults graduating from an educational institution. Signs are great ways to celebrate our love one’s accomplishments. Unfortunately, our covenants and restrictions does not allow any signs to be placed on any lots that does not specify either the sale or renting of a property. The HOA board understands the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in, but the board cannot approve for one sign to be posted and not any other, such as political signs.

The HOA board has been asked if the signage rule can be addressed and/or amended. Please read this carefully: Any of the covenants restrictions can be amended, but only when 50% of the current property owners vote for a rule(s) to be amended. All requests must be submitted on a document by property owners and notarized.

The HOA board has agreed to schedule a voting session for property owners to vote, not only on the signage rule, but other rules that have been proposed to be changed and/or added into the covenants. In effort to accomplish the voting, the HOA board has proposed to conduct the session on Saturday, June 13, 2020.

Details on how the voting will be conducted will be posted on the HOA website and the HOA Facebook page on June 6, 2020. Property owners who are unable to attend due to being out of state will receive voting documents via mail or email. Anyone with a scheduling conflict with the proposed voting date should contact the HOA board via email to discuss an alternative date to vote.

There are over 240 homes within the Blakefield subdivision to date. A lot of effort will be required to accomplish the goal of changing and improving the covenants for the betterment of the community. The HOA board is requesting assistance from at least 4 property owners from Pleasantburg Drive and 2 from Croft Drive, Lyman Drive, Cherry Hill Lane, Cinder Lane, Cornhill Road and Whitestone Drive. Anyone with questions can request for a board member to contact them via the HOA email. The HOA email and website address is listed below. The Blakefield Facebook page is identified as BlakefieldHOa.

Thank you

HOA Board of Directors