Number of Property Owners/Property Owner’s Meeting

Number of Property Owners as of October 17,2020
Plans for Property Owner’s Meeting

On October 17,2020, the HOA board members met to verify and update records for a total number of property owners. As of said date, there are 258 property owners. The HOA board is working on a plan to hold a neighborhood meeting to address the budget, rules and any other item of business requested to be covered. With 258 property owners, at least 53 property owners would either have to attend, participate or submit proxy forms to satisfy the required 20% of attendance for voting to take place. The HOA board is working on ideas to conduct a meeting that will ensure property owner’s are safe from possible exposure to Covid-19. The board considered possible meeting dates, but news of COVID cases rising caused concerns and has extended delays. This has not been an easy task, but we will figure out a plan to hold a meeting to achieve our objective(s).