2021 Budget Letter

To start off, the HOA board hopes everyone’s holiday was joyful giving these times. If not, we all hope the New Year day and the rest of 2021 is much better.

Obviously Covid-19 has made it very challenging for all to conduct daily routines and business. It has been very difficult for the HOA board of Directors to figure out a way to hold meetings while keeping everyone safe from Covid-19. The idea of a telecommunications meeting has been an idea but holding this type of meeting with at least 200 to 248 property owners may not work out very well.
Obviously one of the yearly objectives for the board is to provide a budget for the upcoming fiscal year. We routinely present the budget during the last meeting of the year. We did not feel it would be beneficial holding a telecommunications meeting to discuss the budget in case any property owners had questions or idea(s) requiring a vote.

The board met on December 16, 2020 to approve a budget. To date, there is $53,516.47 in the HOA account. As proposed in the 2020 budget, $15,000 will be moved to a reserve account for legal fees and emergencies leaving a forwarding total of $38,516.47 for the 2021 fiscal year. The board agreed on replicating the budget from 2020 while adding a few items for HOA business expense, to keep the community clean and safe. One proposed item added is the hiring of a Sheriff Deputy(s) to patrol the community for security and safety on the roadways. Another item added is to have the streets cleaned of trash, sand, etc. on a routine basis. The board will also need to purchase laptops to prevent any current board member or future board members from having to utilize their personal computer and/or equipment for HOA business.

Assessment notices have been mailed out to all property owners and should be received by Saturday, January 2, 2021. You can view the 2021 Proposed budget which has been uploaded on the HOA website. As soon as it is deemed safe in regards to Covid-19, we will hold an in-person meeting for all to have an opportunity to ask questions about the budget for 2021 and future improvement ideas to increase the value of the community. One proposed idea is to have a type of picnic pavilion built on the graveyard site in order to be able to hold more community/ committee meetings within the neighborhood. It would also provide an area for other functions or events like kid’s parties. Everyone can visit the HOA website for more information about the pavilion idea. If anyone has questions, please contact the board through the HOA website.

The HOA board hopes everyone has a Happy New Year Day and a better 2021.