2021 Dues (Assessments) Reminder

This a reminder that the 2021 dues (assessments) have to be received or post marked by January 31, 2021. A $20 late fee is applied each month yearly fiscal dues remain unpaid. Please contact the board if you have any questions. The HOA board can be contacted via email at info@blakefieldhoa.com. Dues can be paid by Paypal. Contact the HOA board via the email to request the Paypal link.

2021 Budget Letter

To start off, the HOA board hopes everyone’s holiday was joyful giving these times. If not, we all hope the New Year day and the rest of 2021 is much better.

Obviously Covid-19 has made it very challenging for all to conduct daily routines and business. It has been very difficult for the HOA board of Directors to figure out a way to hold meetings while keeping everyone safe from Covid-19. The idea of a telecommunications meeting has been an idea but holding this type of meeting with at least 200 to 248 property owners may not work out very well.
Obviously one of the yearly objectives for the board is to provide a budget for the upcoming fiscal year. We routinely present the budget during the last meeting of the year. We did not feel it would be beneficial holding a telecommunications meeting to discuss the budget in case any property owners had questions or idea(s) requiring a vote.

The board met on December 16, 2020 to approve a budget. To date, there is $53,516.47 in the HOA account. As proposed in the 2020 budget, $15,000 will be moved to a reserve account for legal fees and emergencies leaving a forwarding total of $38,516.47 for the 2021 fiscal year. The board agreed on replicating the budget from 2020 while adding a few items for HOA business expense, to keep the community clean and safe. One proposed item added is the hiring of a Sheriff Deputy(s) to patrol the community for security and safety on the roadways. Another item added is to have the streets cleaned of trash, sand, etc. on a routine basis. The board will also need to purchase laptops to prevent any current board member or future board members from having to utilize their personal computer and/or equipment for HOA business.

Assessment notices have been mailed out to all property owners and should be received by Saturday, January 2, 2021. You can view the 2021 Proposed budget which has been uploaded on the HOA website. As soon as it is deemed safe in regards to Covid-19, we will hold an in-person meeting for all to have an opportunity to ask questions about the budget for 2021 and future improvement ideas to increase the value of the community. One proposed idea is to have a type of picnic pavilion built on the graveyard site in order to be able to hold more community/ committee meetings within the neighborhood. It would also provide an area for other functions or events like kid’s parties. Everyone can visit the HOA website for more information about the pavilion idea. If anyone has questions, please contact the board through the HOA website.

The HOA board hopes everyone has a Happy New Year Day and a better 2021.

2021 Proposed Operating Budget


Sources of Income:

– Bank balance forward……………… $ 38, 516.47
– 2021 Annual assessments (248 lots @ $100)……………… $ 24,800.00
– Legal Fees and Emergency……………… – $ 10,000. 00

Total Projected Income by January 31, 2021……………… $ 53,316.47

2021 Proposed Net Operating Expenses

Business/Administrative Expenses
– Common area maintenance ……………… $ 4000.00
– Liability insurance ……………… $ 550.00
– Office/admin costs (Supplies)……………… $ 500.00
– Tax preparation……………… $ 250.00
– Web site……………… $ 600.00
– Postage (PO Box, Stamps, etc.)……………… $ 500.00
– Electricity (Duke Energy)……………… $ 800.00
– PWC (Water)……………… $ 900.00
– Improvement Project(s)……………… $ 1000.00
(Entrance Fence Repair, cleaning, staining)
– Community Event(s)/Committee Meetings……………… $ 2000.00
– Law Enforcement Security……………… $ 2000.00
– Computers (Laptop)……………… $ 1500.00
– Street Cleaning……………… $ 2,000.00

Expected Expenses
– Surveillance Cameras (2)……………… $ 3500.00
– Storage Unit……………… $ 600.00
Proposed Net Operating Total: $ 20,700.00

Projected Account Total by December 31, 2021: $53,316.47 -$20, 700.00 = $32,616.47

2020 Christmas Light Competition

The 2020 Christmas Light Competition is set for December 19th thru the 24th. Please visit the Blakefield Property Owner’s Association Facebook Page for details posted by Cortney McCray.

Street Cleaning

We have hired a landscaper to clean the roadway drainage areas. Over the next few days, you will see a landscaper cleaning the roadway drainage areas of sand, weeds and trash. The sand and weeds are natural, hopefully won’t see much garbage. Please remove any vehicle(s) that may be covering up a pile of sand, weeds etc. so the street can be cleaned.


Addresses For Owner’s Renting Property

Any property owners who are renting property should contact the HOA board via this website to verify forwarding mailing address or provide new addresses if any have changed this year. Please submit any address changes by November 14, 2020.

Number of Property Owners/Property Owner’s Meeting

Number of Property Owners as of October 17,2020
Plans for Property Owner’s Meeting

On October 17,2020, the HOA board members met to verify and update records for a total number of property owners. As of said date, there are 258 property owners. The HOA board is working on a plan to hold a neighborhood meeting to address the budget, rules and any other item of business requested to be covered. With 258 property owners, at least 53 property owners would either have to attend, participate or submit proxy forms to satisfy the required 20% of attendance for voting to take place. The HOA board is working on ideas to conduct a meeting that will ensure property owner’s are safe from possible exposure to Covid-19. The board considered possible meeting dates, but news of COVID cases rising caused concerns and has extended delays. This has not been an easy task, but we will figure out a plan to hold a meeting to achieve our objective(s).

Site Inspection Report for August 6, 2020

Site Inspection As of 8/6/20

11 properties with grass growing into the curb
6 homes with tall grass/weeds (higher than 6 inches)
5 homes with dead trees or bushes in the yard or against the property
Several with weeds in the cracks along the driveways
No mowed clippings in the streets (Good Job)
Small amount of trash on the street (Yahoo can, plastic water bottle, zip tie)
3 broken mailboxes

Mailbox Committee

Mailbox Committee
Several have expressed an interest to seek out a way to request for the cluster mailboxes to be removed in order for all property owners to have their own personal mailbox installed on their property. This is the last time I ask for volunteers to join a committee to work on this project. 5 to 10 responses won’t get it done if and when the USPS is approached to seek approval. It will probably require everyone without a mailbox to sign a petition to get this accomplished, and that’s still a steep hill to climb. If you would like to help with this committee, please request a board member to contact you via this website.

Community Greet and Meet Update

Due to the unprecedented times we are currently faced with, holding a large community meeting “as usual” has become nearly impossible to schedule nor advisable at this time. The HOA board is persistently working on a way to conduct our neighborhood’s business as the battle with COVID-19 continues.

A plan has been discussed and decided on by the board which includes holding several meet/greet sessions for each individual street. Procedural plans have been finalized so that it errs on the side of caution for everyone’s safety. The plan involves holding 2 or 3 (if necessary) meet and greet sessions per street. Pleasantburg Drive will require a few more days in order to break the sessions into appropriate group size.

The sessions would run approximately 15-30minutes. Sessions will be scheduled 6pm (Even Side) and 6:30pm (Odd Side) for Cinder Lane, Cherry Hill Lane and Pleasantburg Drive. Refer to the schedule listed below for Lyman, Whitestone and Cornhill. If a 3rd session is required, it would begin at 7:00pm. The sessions will provide the groundwork for a teleconference meeting to be held by September if all goes to plan.

The first session was held this Thursday on Croft Drive since it has the least amount of properties. The scheduled dates and times for the following sessions are listed below and will be posted on the HOA website as well.
As a precaution, anyone who exhibits any symptoms of sickness, to include COVID-19 symptoms, will be excluded and shall not attend the sessions. Provisions will be made to meet with these individuals.
The following is the current schedule. Cinder Lane, Cherry Hill Lane and Pleasantburg Drive will be broken up by addresses:

Thursday, 7/16- Lyman Drive at 6:30pm;
Location: Intersection of Lyman and Pleasantburg Dr.

Tuesday, 7/21- Whitestone Drive at 6:30pm;
Location: Intersection of Whitestone Drive and Pleasantburg Dr.

Thursday, 7/23 – Cornhill Road at 6:30pm
Location: Intersection of Cornhill and Cinder Lane

Tuesday, 7/28 – Cinder Ln: 4203- 4263 at 6:00pm
4212 – 4260 at 6:30pm
Location: Intersection of Cinder Ln. and Cornhill Rd.

Thursday, 7/30 – Cherry Hill Lane: 4207 – 4247 at 6:00pm
4202 – 4262 at 6:30pm
Location: Intersection of Cherry Hill and Pleasantburg Dr. closest to the entrance of neighborhood

Tuesday, 8/4 – Pleasantburg Drive: 3846 – 4042 & 4015-4043 at 6:00pm
Location: Intersection of Pleasantburg Drive
and Cornhill Rd. closest to schools

Tuesday,8/4 – Pleasantburg Drive: 4046 – 4132 at 6:30pm
Location: Intersection of Pleasantburg Drive
and Cherry Hill Ln. closest to
entrance of neighborhood

Thursday, 8/6 – Pleasantburg Drive: 4204 – 4316 at 6:00pm
Location: Intersection of Pleasantburg Drive
and Cornhill Rd. closest to Old
Vander Road

Thursday, 8/6 – Pleasantburg Drive: 4133-4257 at 6:30pm
Location: Intersection of Pleasantburg Drive
and Cornhill Rd. closest to Old
Vander Road