Barking Dogs

Property owners,

One of the items discussed at today’s property owner’s meeting was issues with barking dogs. According to Cumberland County animal control ordinance Sec. 3-15 (Nuisance animals), if a dog bark is considered to be a nuisance, homeowners have the right to contact the sheriffs department or animal control to report and have the issue addressed. Sec. 3-15 (a) (1) describes what is considered to be a nuisance which includes pet owners allowing their pets defecate on another’s property to include landscaping (lawns, shrubs, etc.)

Property owners who are experiencing this nuisance should take the necessary steps to document the issue which includes recording dogs barking if it is deemed to be a nuisance.



Todays Property Owner’s meeting will be held at the East Regional Library across from Cape Fear High School at 10:30am. Anyone unable to attend can send their proxy notice to the HOA email at You can send a pic of the signed form with your smart phone and email it. They can be texted to 910-494-4273 as well.

Thank You

Flock Safety Surveillance Camera

At the upcoming Blakefield member’s meeting, the HOA board will provide information regarding its research of the Flock Safety Surveillance Camera system. If possible, a demonstration of the systems abilities will be presented at the meeting. The cost per camera is $2000/year at this time. Please take a minute to visit the website at before the meeting.

Delivery Of October 5th Property Owner’s Meeting Proxy Notices

Starting today, September 22, 2019, proxy notices for the upcoming Property Owner’s meeting on October 5, 2019 will be hand-delivered. An important note, if the HOA board does not have record of any property owners attendance during covenant amendments voting sessions, those property owners will receive voting forms along with their proxy notice. A copy of the notice was published on the website on September 21, 2019.

October 5, 2019 Member’s Meeting Proxy Notice


This notice is given that in accordance with the by-laws an annual meeting of the members of BLAKEFIELD HOMEOWNER ASSOCIATION, INC. will be held at the East Regional Library, 4809 Clinton Road, Fayetteville, NC 28312 at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, October 5, 2019, this being the first Saturday of October. This is a quarterly meeting and the members entitled to vote shall be present to vote on pressing issues arising with the subdivision in person or representation by proxy.

This written notice of the meeting is being hand delivered and/or mailed to each member entitled to vote as set forth in the covenant and/or by-laws. A written list of the members entitled to vote at said election can be made available for inspection by any member by notifying the HOA board via the website. Notice is given that the following business will be transacted at this meeting:

1. Roll call and certification of proxies and members present to determine a quorum of 20 percent of the total members entitled to vote. Receipt of proof of notice of the meeting or waiver of notice.

2. Review of Member’s 2019 Budget; Voting of 2020 Fiscal Year Budget.

3. Neighborhood Improvement Projects (Review of Voting; Proposal of Security Options)

4. HOA Covenants (Status of Amendments; HOA Board Plans of Enforcement of Violations)

5. Any other business properly brought before the meeting

6. Adjournment

I (we) being the owner(s) of Lot/Address _____________ of the Blakefield subdivision and thereby a member entitled to vote at the annual meeting of the BLAKEFIELD HOMEOWNER ASSOCIATION, INC. to be held at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, October 5, 2019, do hereby appoint ( ) Blakefield HOA Board or ___________________________________; my true and lawful proxy, for me and in my name and stead to attend said annual meeting of the members of said corporation and to cast my said membership vote on all matters or questions coming before said meeting with full power of substitution. This proxy shall also apply to any adjourned session of the October 5, 2019 meeting.

Name:____________________________________ Date: ___________________________

Cancellation of Back To School Cookout

Property Owners,

The back to school cookout was canceled due to the weather we expected to experience this week with Hurricane Dorian. The HOA board has decided to cancel any future plans of rescheduling the cookout at this time. The HOA board will cover entertain any plan for future gathering events at the upcoming Blakefield Property Owners meeting scheduled for October 5, 2019.

Anyone interested with being part of an events committee, please notify the HOA board via the website. Please provide your name, number and note that you are interested with helping on the events committee. You can also notify the board via the Blakfield Facebook page or send an email to We have a homeowner that has volunteered to head the committee, we just need some good folks that would be willing to help.


Upcoming Blakefield Property Owner’s Meeting

Property Owners,

The next Blakefield Property Owner’s meeting has been scheduled for Saturday October 5, 2019 from 10am-12pm at the East Regional Library located at 4809 Clinton Road, Fayetteville, NC 28312.

ATV Disturbance on August 22,2019

Property Owners,

Anyone with information regarding two light-skinned males seen driving throughout the neighborhood on an ATV at a high rate of speed on the night of August 22nd, please provide the information via the website. All we need to know is where the individuals live within the neighborhood. Anyone with information will remain anonymous.

Reports of Loose Pet(s) and Pet(s) Waste On Owner’s Property

Property Owners,

The HOA board has been contacted on two occasions within the last two months regarding loose dog(s) or dog waste located on owner’s properties. All homeowners with pets should review the HOA covenants regarding pets. We strongly suggest those with pet(s) take extra measures to ensure that their pet(s) do not wander or stray within the neighborhood. There have been a few instances involving Animal Control that resulted with the seizure of homeowner’s pet(s) in recent months. Its understandable that some pets can accidently slip through or out from their owner’s property and should be handle properly. Owners with pet(s) that are identified to be loose in the neighborhood regularly could find themselves dealing with a very stressful situation if they are reported to and fined by Animal Control. Please respect others property by securing your pets according the HOA covenants. Property owners who are experiencing any issues with a neighbor’s pet(s) getting loose should contact the HOA board via the website.

Rescheduling of Back To School Cookout

Property Owners,

Due to the number of hot days expected for the upcoming weeks, the Back to School cookout has been tentatively rescheduled for Saturday, September 7, 2019 from 12pm – until. We will keep everyone informed by website and the HOA facebook of any changes as we draw closer to the date. Flyers will be provided 3 weeks prior to the date for a reminder.