Community Meet And Greet Sessions

Due to the unprecedented times we are currently faced with, holding a large community meeting “ as usual” has become nearly impossible to schedule nor advisable at this time. The HOA board is persistently working on a way to conduct our neighborhood’s business as the battle with COVID-19 continues.

A plan has been discussed and decided on by the board which includes holding several meet/greet sessions for each individual street. Procedural plans have been finalized so that it errs on the side of caution for everyone’s safety. The plan involves holding 2 or 3 (if necessary for the larger streets) meet and greet sessions per street. Pleasantburg Drive will require a few more days in order to break the sessions into appropriate group size. The sessions would run approximately 30 minutes. Sessions will be scheduled 6pm (Even Side) and 6:30pm (Odd Side). If a 3rd session is required, it would begin at 7:00pm.

The sessions would provide the ground work for a teleconference meeting to be held by September if all goes to plan.
The first meet and greet session will be held this Thursday on Croft Drive since it has the least amount of properties. The scheduled dates and times for the following sessions will be posted on the HOA website and the Blakefield Property Owners Facebook Group Page by Friday.
As a precaution, anyone who exhibits any symptoms of sickness, to include COVID-19 symptoms, will be excluded and shall not attend the sessions. Provisions will be made to meet with these individuals.

Rescheduling For Voting Of Blakefield Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions


The voting of the Blakefield Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions will be rescheduled for a later date. The HOA board is seeking to obtain direction and legal advise on the proposed amendments prior to holding the voting session. Notification of the new date will be rescheduled after the HOA board is able to meet with an attorney about the amendments.

Voting on Blakefield Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions


Due to the coronavirus, all our lives have been changed. Obviously, the pandemic has affected many events that we have become accustomed to, example celebrations of young adults graduating from an educational institution. Signs are great ways to celebrate our love one’s accomplishments. Unfortunately, our covenants and restrictions does not allow any signs to be placed on any lots that does not specify either the sale or renting of a property. The HOA board understands the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in, but the board cannot approve for one sign to be posted and not any other, such as political signs.

The HOA board has been asked if the signage rule can be addressed and/or amended. Please read this carefully: Any of the covenants restrictions can be amended, but only when 50% of the current property owners vote for a rule(s) to be amended. All requests must be submitted on a document by property owners and notarized.

The HOA board has agreed to schedule a voting session for property owners to vote, not only on the signage rule, but other rules that have been proposed to be changed and/or added into the covenants. In effort to accomplish the voting, the HOA board has proposed to conduct the session on Saturday, June 13, 2020.

Details on how the voting will be conducted will be posted on the HOA website and the HOA Facebook page on June 6, 2020. Property owners who are unable to attend due to being out of state will receive voting documents via mail or email. Anyone with a scheduling conflict with the proposed voting date should contact the HOA board via email to discuss an alternative date to vote.

There are over 240 homes within the Blakefield subdivision to date. A lot of effort will be required to accomplish the goal of changing and improving the covenants for the betterment of the community. The HOA board is requesting assistance from at least 4 property owners from Pleasantburg Drive and 2 from Croft Drive, Lyman Drive, Cherry Hill Lane, Cinder Lane, Cornhill Road and Whitestone Drive. Anyone with questions can request for a board member to contact them via the HOA email. The HOA email and website address is listed below. The Blakefield Facebook page is identified as BlakefieldHOa.

Thank you

HOA Board of Directors

Cluster Mailbox Committee

Cluster Mailbox Committee

Several property owners have either inquired or expressed concerns with cluster mailboxes in the neighborhood. Some are unhappy with the type or look of cluster mailboxes and some have asked if the mailboxes can be removed in order for all property owners to have their own personal mailbox. I have heard all homes built after 2016 would be required to have cluster mailboxes. I have also been told if a neighborhood Had existing homes within the subdivision prior to 2013, the cluster mailbox Wall would not have to apply. To be honest, I am not clear on the correct answer. In the next week or two, the board will try to find out if the 2013 rule is accurate. If somehow the 2013 rule stands, the next step will be to improve the cluster mailboxes within our neighborhood. Anyone interested in being a part of the committee that will look into this project should notify the board via the HOA website. Those interested are asked to provide their name, physical address, contact number and email address. We are hoping that 5 to 10 property owners will participate with this committee. This project should not require many meetings to develop ideas for new cluster mailboxes and a structure to provide cover. If anyone has questions, please submit a request for a director to contact you via the HOA website.

Graduation Ceremony

Neighborhood Graduation Ceremony


The events committee has proposed to hold a neighborhood graduation ceremony for all of our community young ones who graduated from kindergarten, elementary, middle school, high school and college this year. The proposed date is July 18, 2020. Everyone interested with holding this ceremony should acknowledge by replying to

If we move forward with this ceremony, the events committee would like for some of our neighbors to assist with the planning and coordinating. If you are interested with helping, please acknowledge by providing your name, phone number, physical address and email address to

The names of graduates who would like to participate should be submitted to as well. Please identify the graduate by typing “participant” next to the participant’s name.

Community Yard Sale

Blakefield Community Yard Sale

Anyone wanting to participate with a community yard sale next Saturday, May 30, 2020, should contact Cortney at or Summer at for details.

Property Owner’s Neighborhood Meeting

The property owner’s meeting for May 16th will be rescheduled. As of right now the HOA is looking to reschedule the meeting for June or July. Notifications will be provided as soon as the board is able to decide on a date favorable for a large turnout. Anyone with questions can request a board member to contact them via the website request.

Be safe

Property Owner’s Meeting Update

Good evening all,

Just wanted to make everyone aware that the Board is working to find a way to hold a meeting(s) with property owners without violating the social distance order. We are certain that even if rules are relaxed by next month, it will probably be difficult for the library to honor our reservation for May 16th. We are looking into a way we can meet, possibly by utilizing a video conferencing program like Zoom. We are preparing a letter that will be handed out to all, new and old timers. The letter will include information regarding the plans for upcoming meetings, issues that have been addressed in the past few months and other items of business.

We will give everyone a heads up when the letters are ready to be passed out. Until then, please contact a Board member if anyone has a question, concern or idea(s).

Be safe out there


As of today, the Property Owners meeting is still scheduled for May 16th. The HOA board will continue to monitor the situation with the Coronavirus before deciding on an alternative date for the meeting. The HOA board will be meeting this upcoming weekend to decide on an alternative plan if the meeting can not be held on May 16th. An update will be provided on April 11th.


LED Street Lights

The HOA board will contact Duke Energy this up coming week to inquire about replacing all the current street lights with LED Street lights. The main purpose is safety for those walking within the neighborhood during the night. Until this is addressed, it is probably a good idea for everyone, especially kids and teenagers, to wear something that is bright or reflective when walking around at night.