2021 Dues UPDATE

2021 Dues UPDATE

As of today, Saturday January 30, 2021, we have $10,100.00 outstanding dues owed for 2021 ONLY(this is not what is owed regarding previous years unpaid dues).
– 162 residents PAID for 2021
– 82 residents UNPAID for 2021
– 51% of residents paid for 2021 as of January 30, 2021

Broken down by street the numbers are:
– Cherry Hill: 15 of 27 paid (56%)
– Cinder: 18 of 29 paid (62%)
– Cornhill: 15 of 18 paid (83%)
– Croft: 17 of 25 paid (68%)
– Lyman: 14 of 25 paid (56%)
– Pleasantburg: 67 of 96 paid (70%)
– Whitestone: 16 of 24 paid (67%)

As an HOA(everyone collectively NOT just the Board), we would like to undertake a project to help improve the neighborhood as a whole. The idea of a covered patio area with seating has been discussed to conduct neighborhood meetings, allow for community events or be reserved for small gathering by residents.
In order to do this, we encourage ALL residents to pay their dues or we will not be able to do anything this year. Anyone still unpaid, as of February 1, 2021, you will incur a $20 per month late fee for each month your dues remain unpaid. Thank you to the residents that have been responsible so far and paid on time.

Blakefield Community Yard Sale

The Blakefield HOA Board is hosting a community yard sale, open to everyone, to be held on Saturday, May 18, 2019, at the incomplete portion of Pleasantburg Dr & Lyman Dr in the roadway. We will divide off sections and charge participants $5 per spot to set up their items. Any participant buying a yard sale spot will receive a ticket for a drawing that will take place at the conclusion of the yard sale. One lucky winner of the drawing will receive ALL the money collected from participant’s yard sale spots.
Please inbox us on Facebook Facebook Messenger or email if you’re interested in buying a spot to sale items. Please provide your name, address and a good contact number.

**As a preemptive note to address the question that some may ask- “How can the Board shut down the road and charge participants to use that road space to set up areas for people to sell their items?”
That portion of roadway still belongs to the HOA and is not under the control of NC DOT as of now. Therefore we can shut the roadway down and utilize it as seen fit to conduct HOA business.

Trash Service

Waste Industries is offering Blakefield HOA residents trash service for:

– $33.00 per quarter(3 months)
– $1.95 admin fee
– ONE TIME trash can delivery fee $35.00 (unless you already have their can and service)
All equaling up to ** $35.00 per quarter**

—> 1st payment is prepayment for $68.00 which includes delivery and first 3 months service.

The catch is we must have 50 residents sign up individually to make this happen.

Please email us at info@blakefieldhoa.com with with any questions if you have any.
If interested and want to sign up, email us your name,address and email address so we can get a list going. If you already have their services, once our count gets up to 50 people your rate will be reduced. You will still need to email us your name address and let us know you already have their service so we can add you to the list.

Trailers, Campers and Boats

Recently there has been some discussion specifically regarding trailers, boats and campers in the neighborhood. During a recent bi-annual HOA meeting, residents came to the consensus that trailers, boats and campers can be brought into the neighborhood and remain on a resident’s property in the front or side yard areas for three (3) days ONLY AFTER it has been requested to and approved by the HOA Board. Please be mindful that the HOA Board requires these request to be delivered timely enough for us to convene, make an appropriate determination regarding your request, ensure we are aware of all days the trailer or camper will be at your residence both pre trip and post trip and respond to you accordingly. We are not attempting to control lives of any residents nor restrict their outings however we have been appointed by you, the residents, to enforce the covenants and by-laws. Any violations will be subject to the resident receiving a fine that is enforceable under NC General Statue 47F.That being said, we cannot enforce the covenants and by-laws for violations we have no knowledge of or have not been notified about. We will gladly enforce any of the covenants and by-laws we’re made aware of in a timely and unbiased way as effectively as we can. All matters handled by and decided on by the Blakefield HOA Board or the Blakefield HOA Hearing Board regarding any violations of the covenants and by-laws will not be disseminated to other residents by us. We feel it is a personal matter and should you want to disclose the outcome of your particular incident, you are free to do so, however, the HOA Board will not. Hopefully this will clear up any murky water and make this a clear process for everyone. The Blakefield covenants and by-laws address trailers, boats and campers at this below link on page ten (10), section eight (8). Any questions, comments, concerns or complaints, please feel free to send them our way.

CLICK HERE for –> Trailers, Campers & Boats Documentation

Have you seen it? Lost but hoping to be reunited!

On the early morning of Monday February 4th, a young lady got out of her mother’s vehicle to walk to school as usual. The exception this morning was that she dropped her phone and now it is lost! Once realized, the family panicked and he father was extremely upset. They searched and searched to no avail but have asked for help everyone’s assistance finding it. If everyone reading this would please ask your kids if they found a phone on their walk to school or know who did, send us an email (info@blakefieldhoa.com) or inbox us on Facebook(CLICK HERE). We’d like to reunite the young lady with her phone and maybe her dad can rest easier at night knowing it’s safely back at home. No questions asked, the phone can be passed on to one of the board member and we’ll make sure it gets home. Thanks for everyone’s help!

Payment Reminder

Just a reminder.. anyone wishing to pay their 2019 or other Annual Assesment must do so on or before January 31,2019. If not, you will incur a $20 late payment fee as allowed by North Carolina General Statue for each month you are over due as well as a one time $6 late payment fee listed in the covenant. The late payment fee will be applied on the first day of the preceding month, ie: February 1, 2019. The amount due will then be $126 and continue to compound an additional $20 the first day of each month.

Covenant Change Votes

As of January 26, 2019, We have completed our voting sessions and here are the results so far:

– 52 residents agreed to ALL of the proposed covenant changes

– 1 resident disagreed to ALL of the proposed covenant changes

– 10 residents did not agree to the following proposed covenant changes:
* 3 residents voted no for: Proposal #2 on the ballot
* 3 residents voted no for: Proposal #3 on the ballot
* 1 resident voted no for: Proposal #4 on the ballot
* 2 residents voted no for: Proposal #5, section 14
* 4 residents voted no for: Proposal #5, section 15
* 1 resident voted no for: Proposal #5, section 16
* 3 residents voted no for: Proposal #5, section 17
* 1 resident voted no for: Proposal #6, section 17
* 4 residents voted no for: Proposal #6, section 18
* 1 resident voted no for: Proposal #6, section 19
* 2 residents voted no for: Proposal #6, section 20
* 1 resident voted no for: Proposal #7, section 6
* 5 residents voted no for: Proposal #7, section 7

We will be coming around to residents that were unable to vote and made us aware of this prior to the scheduled voting sessions. We have also contacted the Subdivision Developer and they will be casting a vote agreeing with ALL of the proposed covenant changes. We will also reach out to the builders currently owning lots in the Subdivision and gathering their votes. We are confident we will reach our 50% vote required to make any changes to the Original and Supplemental Covenants. Thank you to everyone that committed the 5 or 10 minutes from their days to vote on the changes.

If you were unable to vote you can inbox us on Facebook Messenger or email us to request us stop by your residence so you can cast your vote if you missed us. You can click on the BOLD letters above to reach us on Facebook or email.


Please vote ONLY one time and ONLY for two(2) items you believe would be the most beneficial to the Blakefield Community as a whole. We have restricted voters to only two(2) item because of monetary constraints and the fact that combining 2 item on the ballot would be costly endeavors. IF you select the “other” option, please email us at info@blakefieldhoa.com to let us know what other item you would like to see undertaken. This poll will end on February 14, 2019. Thank you for your participation.

What projects do you think should be undertaken by the Blakefield HOA Board during 2019?

  • Park/Playground/Basketball Courts/Family Picnic Area (31%, 22 Votes)
  • Front Security Camera System (14%, 10 Votes)
  • Permanent Asphalt Speed Humps/Lumps (11%, 8 Votes)
  • Neighborhood Swimming Pool (11%, 8 Votes)
  • Walking Trail/Track (10%, 7 Votes)
  • Front Security Gate (8%, 6 Votes)
  • Club House/Community Building (8%, 6 Votes)
  • Temporary Plastic or Permanent Asphalt Speed Bumps (6%, 4 Votes)
  • Other: PLEASE email this idea to: info@blakefieldhoa.com or it will not be counted (1%, 1 Votes)
  • Neighborhood Benches (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 39

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August 2016 Newsletter & Recent Quarterly Meeting Update

Blakefield Homeowners,

General Information & Previous HOA Meeting Information:

We hope everyone has had an eventful and pleasurable summer! Most importantly we are planning a final quarterly meeting for Saturday November 5th or 12th, 2016. During this meeting there will be several things discussed that will have a significant impact on the neighborhood. We would like to see a larger turnout than the 12 residents that attended the last meeting, so that your voice may be heard as your input is important. This is our neighborhood and your investment! Come be a part of the decisions and improvements being made to secure your investment! You can’t be upset with new and progressive decisions that are made if you’re not there to voice your concerns and opinions.

With the end of summer closing rapidly and the approach of a new school year starting, we are looking forward to some of the roads within Blakefield being taken over by the State. For the neighborhood this means school busses will hopefully be utilizing our roads to pick up children. As this happens it is imperative that all residents adhere to the soon to be posted neighborhood speed limit of 25 mph or slower to avoid any mishaps or wrecks with vehicles, property or pedestrians. Please continue to keep your yards in good shape. How yards look shows visitors that we care about our neighborhood. We would like to remind all residents that it is your responsibility to maintain the easements to the rear of your property. This is your property and not the developers therefore you are required to maintain it as you would any other part of your yard. Thanks for all your hard work.

There are a few covenant restrictions that are currently being violated by various residents. In the near future, those residents will be notified via mailings to have them correct their violation. It was previously discussed in a prior meeting that there should be some form of monetary fines associated with these violations however no conclusion could be reached at that time. There was a mixed review to the proposal however this will be an issue tabled for discussion and voting during the November meeting.

We are establishing a billing cycle so everyone will receive a bill for your annual dues. It is the property owner’s responsibility to notify the HOA if they decide to move and either sell or rent their property. The property owner is still responsible for paying the annual assessment and unless otherwise notified, your assessments will be mailed to the address maintained on file with the HOA. By owning a lot in Blakefield you agree to the covenants which require, currently, a $100 assessment each calendar year. We would like to receive the payments for the 2017 dues by January 31, 2017, otherwise a late fee will be assessed. Anyone not currently paid up as of December 31, 2016 for this or any previous years, to include late fees, will be referred to an attorney so payment can be obtained through legal action. This will be accomplished by either the placement of a lien on the property or foreclosure of the property. The attorney fees assessed will also be the responsibility of the homeowner. To avoid this, if you still need to pay HOA dues for this or previous years, they can be made out to Blakefield HOA and mailed to PO Box 20016, Fayetteville, NC 28312.

As discussed at the last meeting, property management companies have been looked at to conduct the business aspects of the HOA such as collecting and receiving payments, notifying residents of violations, assisting with the payment of bills, conducting quarterly meetings and assisting with the selection of landscapers that maintain the entrance and common areas to mention a few. There was a mixed review to the proposal however this will be another issue tabled for discussion and voting during the November meeting.

Also discussed at the last meeting was the idea of planting trees and plants in the aforementioned rear easement as a way to beautify the neighborhood and liven up the areas. It was determined that the current covenant prohibits the planting of anything in the easement and also prohibits the building of anything there including fences. It is being checked on as to the validity of a covenant change being the only thing required to move forward with this project. This will be a pricey project and there was a big mixed review to the proposal however this will be another issue tabled for discussion and voting during the November meeting should it be allowed by county code enforcement.

Tentatively, we are planning to have a neighborhood block party Saturday October 1, 2016 to get residents together and fellowship. Keep up with this and other information on the web site at www.blakefieldhoa.com.

Safety and Security:

We are still looking for someone to start a “Neighborhood Watch” program. Let a Director know through the web site or send us an email at: info@blakefieldhoa.com if you are interested. Should you see anything that appears suspicious or that needs our attention please email us at the aforementioned email and let us know.

Covenant Spotlight:

Article VII. USE RESTRICTIONS, Section 3(b). page 9,

No residence or other building, and no fence, wall, utility yard, driveway, swimming pool or other structure or improvement, regardless of size or purpose, whether attached to or detached from the main residence, shall be commenced, placed, erected or allowed to remain on any building lot, nor shall any addition to or any exterior change or alteration thereto be made, unless and until building plans be submitted to and approved in writing by the declarant (HOA) and until a copy of all such plans and specifications, as finally approved by the declarant have been lodged permanently with the declarant.

Simply put, any NEW additions to a pre-existing residence to include but not be limited to permanent or semi-permanent swimming pools, fences, driveways, buildings, sheds, garages or addition to the existing residence, should all be approved by and filed with the HOA prior to them being erected. As clearly stated in the covenant it is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure the covenant is followed and failure to do so will result in legal action being taken by the HOA. If you do not have approved plans submitted to the HOA please do so. All plans can be mailed in to the HOA for approval and filing to: PO Box 20016, Fayetteville, NC 28312. This includes any structures on your property you have added or had added since the purchase of your property. I myself am guilty of violating this restriction and have since filed plans with the HOA regarding the addition of a storage building in my back yard so I am no longer in violation.

Thank you for everyone’s continued support to help ensure Blakefield remains an enjoyable neighborhood to live in!

June 2016 Newsletter

June 2016 Blakefield HOA Newsletter

Blakefield HOA, PO Box 20016, Fayetteville, NC 28312

Blakefield Homeowners,

General Information:  Welcome to summer. We have a few things we would like to mention. Please continue to keep your yards in good shape. How yards look shows visitors that we care about our neighborhood. Thanks for all your hard work.

Lets address basketball playing in the street. Actually any playing in the street. We all want the kids to have fun. We can’t drive in our back yards but the kids could play back there. Just saying. The feed back we are getting is that kids playing in the street do not move out of the way of traffic in a fast and safe manner. Only you can train your kids to respond in a courteous manner to oncoming traffic. Please explain to them it is truly a safety issue. It needs to be corrected before we have an incident.

We have asked the developer to check on allowing school busses into Blakefield to pick up the kids. Until we get the issue resolved please keep the entry/exit way to the neighborhood clear and safe while waiting for the busses.

The developer is also asking all the builders to tell their employees and subs to slow down when driving in our neighborhood.

We are working on getting a billing cycle established so you all will receive a bill for your annual dues. Actually by owning a lot in Blakefield you agree to the covenants which require, currently, a $100 assessment each calendar year. We would like to receive the payments by 15 June this year.

Tentatively we will have a neighborhood block party this fall. Keep up on more information on the web site.

Covenant Spotlight: Article VII. USE RESTRICTIONS, Section 1. page 9,

All lots shall be used for residential purpose only and shall not be used for any business or commercial purposes, provided, however, that Declarant reserves the right to use any Lot and any improvement thereon owned by Declarant as a model home with sales office. Group family homes are prohibited.

Safety and Security: We are looking for someone to start a “Neighborhood Watch” program. Let a Director know through the web site please.